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Promised Land


I like that the term “punk” can be so objective.  When I think of the word mohawks and all that bullshit are simply not in the picture.  The picture above is what I think of- taking time to make something you’re proud of all on your own (or with friends, of course).  I’ve gushed over the band Acidic Tree in the past and simply love how SSF Tapes and Acidic Tree go about things.  I ordered their new tape for a whopping 3 dollars the other day and received this rad package a few days later.  Using a box of Mike & Ike’s for a package?  So rad!  The tape case being a tiny, yellow package with screen printed cover and lyrics on the inside?  Genius.  Only 70 of these exist in the entire world, so you may think about ordering one from the SSF link as soon as you see this.  Macklin over there rules and I promise to get you some more Shark Baits, homie!!!  Seriously support endeavors like this whenever you can, they’re doing all the right things.  ImageKing Tuff probably isn’t very punk these days, but this was a good show and I don’t want to be one of those assholes over analyzing it.  Sub Pop is pretty corny and his new record is out on their label, but I just bought the tape (Burger Records!  Total fun punks) so didn’t feel like I was giving them any of my money.Image

Audacity, on the other hand, would fall under exactly what I want music to be.  From what I can tell they’re young and fucking stoked!  It’s a little nicer to find a younger band that hasn’t become jaded and grumpy like, say, a band that was my age.  It’s still summer and I don’t want to hear about the election and how corporations are ruining America blah blah blah when I’m trying to rock out.  Audacity are also on Recess Records, which is pretty much the advanced version of SSF and good people worth supporting.  Thanks for coming here and especially thanks to the kids dancing around like retards- I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong and not dancing like a retard was a total waste of time, so I joined in (with a big ol’ grin).  ImageOn the non-music DIY front: things have been going pretty heavy down at the old foundation.  We built this “Euro-gap” and bank which will eventually lead to a flat bar, and already have plans of what the next things built will be.  Old dudes working their asses off during the weekend in the Summer heat is pretty damn punk too- all for the sake of playing with toys and giggling like schoolgirls.  I’m really happy with all the progress and being a part of it, for a more in depth look into this project and other radness go here.


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