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Texas is the Reason (Heavy congrats to the future Ortiz Family!)

ImageThe famous “mini ramp ditch” is way steeper than it looks.ImageWasn’t aware of the bowled corners- Pat just getting warmed up.  ImageThis thing is ridiculous.  Why does it exist?  Who was cool enough to make this?  Why is El Paso so forward thinking on making functional necessities skate-able?  Who cares, this shit rules!ImageView from within- didn’t realize there was a bail shot going on.  It would suck to get hurt here and have to climb a series of 2-3 ft. stairs getting out of here.  ImageKurt- hip ollie to tail.  Good job on the driving and hooking everything up too!ImageThe man of the hour, Joel Ortiz- FSO.ImageOh yeah, we’re in Texas!  Right behind this building on the freeway lies Juarez, Mexico.  It looked so rad at night all lit up, but wasn’t really worth the potential shanking or beheading to go check it out.ImageHere’s one we didn’t get to skate in Socorro, NM- next time for sure.  ImageHere’s the Dyrdek street plaza- good for a warm up before we went to the gladiator-esque bowl/damn thing.  (Sorry, this is out of order.)ImageSolid posse.ImageThis was a really funny David Lynch feeling restaurant/dive bar my friend Haylee suggested.  It delivered and the creepy atmosphere was just as she’d described.  Chad lurking.ImageThis is me doing a no-comply in front of a military base at a rad spot called the “tidy bowl”.  Knowing this was the last spot of the trip and fearing heat stroke I purposely snapped my board to avoid heat stroke.  It had nothing to do with being mad, that’s just the only way to make yourself stop skating sometimes.  Sorry if that weirded anyone out.  ImageLocal ripper- frontside 50-50.ImageThis thing is crazy tall- I’m standing on the deck of an already deep bowl while taking this shot.  Kurt scratches one.  ImageThis dude’s grip tape skills were on point…Image…and, of course, he was rad as hell.  El Paso may seem like a shithole to some people, but we had a blast and skated tons of rad shit.  Go see for yourself, I know I’ll be going back for more.  ImageAll this was in the name of Mr. Joel Ortiz getting married- congrats, buddy.  Stoked to have gone on this trip and every single person who came- it was nothing but laughter and shredding and that’s pretty much all that matters…




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2 thoughts on “Texas is the Reason (Heavy congrats to the future Ortiz Family!)

  1. Whoa that is amazing infrastructure in El Paso -who would of thought that existed! looks like a blast. send hugs to meg for me-missing watching football with her

  2. El Paso was really rad! Will send hugs to Megs and give the dudes five for me! Hope to see you guys soon…

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